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    • Upward · good · right · altruistic
    • Upward · good · right · altruistic

    Build a market value of 10 billion and build a century old brand

    Qilian International Holding Group Co., Ltd. (QLI) is a Cayman Islands exempted company incorporated on February 7, 2019. On January 12, 2021, Qilian International (Stock Code: QLI) was listed on NASDAQ.
    Qilian international has formed a good situation based on leading industries, consolidating production foundation, distributing the national market and carrying out capital operation in an all-round way. It has become an enterprise group with five major industrial categories and business radiation in many regions at home and abroad. In the next three to five years, Qilian international will achieve the annual sales of 10000 tons of oxytetracycline, 10 tons of heparin sodium and 100000 tons of organic fertilizer, occupy a larger market share and continuously improve the competitive strength of the enterprise.
    Qilian international will build a world-class biopharmaceutical and circular economy enterprise with a market value of 10 billion.
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